Friday, July 15, 2005

The twins got the MMR vaccine today

I was nervous about it. But so far no reaction at all (well except for the ear-drum shattering screeching that accompanied the actual immunization). We were advised to delay for a while but with the number of actual diseases we keep getting exposed to - we figured we might as well go for it.

Michael, who had his Kindergarten booster shoot today, is actually faring worse. Already running a low grade fever. He was a trooper though and didn't cry or whine one BIT with his actual shot. He tried to console his twins sisters by showing them his bandaid and telling them if they are good - we will go get a treat afterwards. That worked for him and he didn't seee why it failed to console the twins. He even held Maribeth after her shots - while I held onto Megan while she got hers. The nurse said he was a" very good big brother".

We were able to get all three children weighed while we were at the health unit. Michael is 45 lbs (also 45 in tall!). Megan is 23 lbs 15 oz!!!! Maribeth is 19 lbs 3 oz. opps - that's down from her previous weight of 19 lbs 7 oz last month. She's eating well - so I guess all her climbing around is burning quite a few calories.

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Sunny said...

How old is Michael? When Jimmy was 5 and had to get kindergarten shots (the first shots in his memory) He was so incensed that he said if any more shots were required he would refuse to go to school. The nurse told him "You won't need any more until you are a big boy of 15." to which he announced, "Then I am dropping out of school at 15". I mulled this development for a moment and decided "OK, we'll do something else with you when you are 15. After all he's only legally required to stay in school until 16 and we'll think of something". Needless to say, when he was 15 he could care less about the shots-just wished he could drive himself to the health department to get them.