Thursday, July 07, 2005

So when do they stop being babies?

I'm thinking the twins are too old to be called babies now - but the older M's persist in calling them "babies" constantly. They are 17 months old, walking, talking toddlers!

Yes talking - Megan adds new words almost every now and is even putting words together!

Maribeth (who is still language delayed for adjusted age) has even added a couple of new words - one of which being (bet you could see this one coming ) BABY!

Take this exchange today:

Megan wants Maribeth to come with her so she calls, "Baby! - Come BABY - come BABY!"

Maribeth turns her head at "baby" and says, "aaaahhh - BABY" and follows Megan off to the sliding doors to check out the backyard view.

Let's race

You would think that toddlers old enough to call themselves babies are too old to be called babies. But I'm the only one in the house that thinks that. Allan says "awww -they are THE BABIES - the will ALWAYS be THE BABIES". The older M's say "they are too babies".

Someday though - they are going to turn around and say "we are NOT babies".


MB said...

Then you can just start calling them "the twins". (how cute that they call each other baby).

LarryandJean said...

Maybe they think "baby" means "sister who is just the size of me" and "babies" means "me and my sister who is just the size of me". :D

Qwerty said...

It won't stop even when they DO object and I should know. I've tried to get Beth to stop, but she always says the same thing as Allen "You'll always be my baby." Pointing out that I am neither hers nor an infant hasn't stopped her yet. I suggest you either stop it NOW, ruthlessly, or become use to the fact that in their sibs mind Ms 4-5 will always be about 8 months old.

LarryandJean said...

They ARE toddlers.


They will ALWAYS be "the babies."