Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Time to learn how to swim!

I'm swimming!
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Soon Maddy won't need all that gear in the pool. The time has come for SWIMMING LESSONS! The M's all enjoyed swimming out East this summer Grandmommy's above ground pool and by the end of the trip the older three were showing signs of readiness for swim lessons.

They are registered to start swim lessons - 9am on Sunday mornings starting Sept 10th at the YMCA. Melissa and Michael in the YMCA "Learn to Swim" program "otter" class for ages 6-12 years. Maddy in the "Lil' Dippers" program in the "bobber" class for ages 3-5 - it goes at a slower pace with smaller class sizes. For those interested in how it compares to the current red cross program - here's the info.

(AGES 3-5)
Bobbers Red Cross Swim Kids 1
Floaters Red Cross Swim Kids 2
Divers Red Cross Swim Kids 3
Surfers Red Cross Swim Kids 4
Dippers Red Cross Swim Kids 5

(AGES 6-14)
Otter Red Cross Swim Kids 1
Seal Red Cross Swim Kids 2 & 3
Dolphin Red Cross Swim Kids 4 & 5
Swimmer Red Cross Swim Kids 6

(AGES 6-14)
Star 1 Red Cross Swim Kids 7
Star 2 Red Cross Swim Kids 8
Star 3 Red Cross Swim Kids 9
Star 4 Red Cross Swim Kids 10
Star 5 Red Cross Swim Kids 11
Star 6 Red Cross Swim Kids 12
Master swimmer

We picked the YMCA for several reasons - the first being proximity - it's the easiest to get to from where we live. As well the YMCA offers a clear schedule of classes for the year with classes running 8 weeks at a time/continuous registration and classes over the weekends - not just weeknights. Our weeknights are packed enough already. The plan is not to actually take them through the "star swim" levels - but just through the first basic classes for now.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Toddler Tankini's

Modeling their new swimsuits
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Maribeth and Megan are modelling their new L.L. Bean kids tankini separates. The suits are size 4 - bought a touch big with hopes that they will also be able to wear them next year. The twins LOVE their new swimsuits and we think they look absolutely adorable in them.

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