Saturday, May 11, 2013

I've reactivated my old blog - I pulled it to private the beginning of 2007 when Allan and I separated and divorced. I had several draft posts later trying to explain things - but decided to keep it all off the internet.  Life has moved on and the M's are doing amazingly well these days and so much bigger than when I was last posting! I've turned the blog public again, mostly for their sakes: for them to read the stories of when they were little.
Melissa is in grade 8 and getting straight A's, she's an artist and a writer with a strong creative streak.   Her current project is making an iMovie cooking show in French as a French class project. She has a very spoiled pet cat - Sammy - who we have had since 2007. 
 Michael towers over me at this point, he's in Grade 7, an honor roll student, plays clarinet, badminton and current hobby is making his own minecraft videos and sharing on YouTube! Michael also keeps hamsters and his current hamster midnight is his 6th hamster.
Madeleine is in Grade 6 and an avid reader and into crafts and art. She's also very girly and does nails and hair for herself and her sisters. Madeline has been taking swimming lessons and played badminton on the school team this year.
Megan and Maribeth are in grade 3 in separate classrooms this year. They love squirrels and birds and have a backyard squirrel and bird feeder they keep filled up! They want an indoor pet squirrel, but that is not going to happen!  Both girls have been in swimming lessons and gymnastics this year and recently did a gymnastics routine in the school talent show.
I'm now 37 years old,  have been single parenting since Jan 2007.  I'm currently dating a wonderful man for over a year now and working part time as a Lunch Lady making and delivering hot lunches to schools. I'm hoping to get back into  office work in the near future.  I ended up dropping out of school when my marriage fell apart and I had to work right away - so never did finish my business administration degree and it is now well past the 10 year window to upgrade from the 2 year to the 4 year program.  I also stay busy playing cello with the Worship Team at church and helping lead a church small group studying "The Truth Project".
I'm not yet sure if I'll keep writing on here yet but thought it best to do a bit of an update post when this blog reappeared!