Friday, February 16, 2001

Photo Post

I know Allan will be updating the webpage (and I should learn how!), I just wanted to send these photos on. These are from only about 15 min ago. Thank you to the GMP for the overalls. I do not remember where the shirts came from though.

Melissa: "I think she's got the camera again."
Michael: "Don't look. She might go away..."

Michael: "Too late. She got me."

Michael: "See my elephant booties from Auntie Gail?"

Michael: "Has this doggy had its shots?"

Melissa: "I think this is the last one..."
Michael: "I hope so."

Thursday, February 15, 2001

Melissa, Photo-Journalist

Breakfast, or more accurately, brunch, was about over. The small boy woke early today. He was quite hungry and after nursing continued by stuffing himself with two baby bowls of rice cereal, in an attempt to finish the box by nightfall. The Baboo happily ate her breakfast of orange juice, leftover baked potato and mock-chicken loaf. She didn't even try to touch the pretty Valentine's day flowers on the table.

After taking a couple of pictures of the breakfast boy and boo, an idea entered my head when the baboo said "Want to!, please?"

"Hmmm," I thought. "The Boo is probably old enough to learn how to run a camera now and everyone could use a laugh today anyway."

"Why not let her take some photographs of me to show off the silly stripey 'pants' worn with a grandaddy burgundy t-shirt."

"Melissa, come here and you can use the camera," I said.

The Baboo set two personal records: one for seconds elasped before obedience and one for climbing down and crossing the kitchen floor. I handed the baboo the camera and started to expain:

"You hold the camera like this. You look through here, then press this button when you can see Mommy."

The baboo held the camera about a foot from her face and looked fascinated as she moved the camera around.

"Press the button, Melissa", I said. She looked confused, then went back to looking at the camera. I realized what the problem was: the display was on! She was looking at the display. I turned off the display and explained about the button again. The boo caught on and pressed the button, capturing our trash can for your viewing pleasure.

I tried to re-aim the camera at myself and said, "O.K. press the button again."

Having now forgotton the location of the button, Boo lowered the camera, located the button and, with the camera now aimed at her feet, pressed.

"Hold the camera up", I said. "Press the button again now."

The baboo managed to neatly cut off my head! I have to at least give her credit for photographing the stripey pants!

"I'll just get right down near the floor," I thought and leaned down. The baboo, now catching on, pressed the button again, but as it was too close to last time so the flash did not go off.

"Wait a minute...O.K., now press the button again", I said from crouched down on the kitchen floor.

She did and now you can see my face as well as a nice view from our kitchen into the living room.

"O.K., all done now," I said to the Baboo.

"NO, WANT TO!" said the Baboo.

I explained that we had to go into the office to get the pictures off the camera and she could see a BIRD on the computer. (The photomax program loads as an animation of a big parrot like unto the Jub Jub bird flying in and landing on the screen.)

So off to the office we went, taking Michael with us. Michael sat happily in his bouncy seat for a few minutes before falling asleep for his morning nap. Melissa "helped" with the clothes-rack before drawing on the white board, climbing up and down the stairs, and OH NO! destroying ZIP disk cases!

Monday, February 05, 2001

Not for the Faint of Heart

The past two days have been such epic ones in the lives of Michael and Melissa that I am ignoring my "to-do" list and taking great risk in order to write some of these memories down before time and life erase them from my all too short memory.

The risk is that the Baboo has been left to play on her computer in the other room while I use the computer in the office. Michael is in the crib playing with the "kick-and-play piano" and I suspect he will soon go off to sleep.

Yesterday was an important milestone for Michael - his first time swimming! We took the kids to the Newton wave pool yesterday (Sunday) and met up with some friends and their 15 month old little girl. Michael had a great time. He smiled, laughed, and floated (assisted by Daddy of course) in the very shallow wading pool for babies and toddlers. He wore a cloth diaper covered by some little plaid poly-cotton shorts we found in his summer clothes box (not swim shorts, but close enough). Unfortunately, we did forget our camera, so have no photographs to post of Michael's first swim.

The pool was very busy and Melissa initially declined going into the next bigger wading pool which had a little tiny slide going into it. She did finally notice the slide and went down happily over and over as long as Mommy was there to catch her from going under at the bottom. She tried the "big kids" water slide once, a covered twisty slide that flipped her over somewhere in the middle. She got quite wet at the bottom even though Daddy tried to catch her and when asked if she wanted to go down that slide again she said a very definite "NO!"

Last night Michael figured out that since he can roll over, he can sleep however he wants and not just however we put him down. We have always put him down to sleep on his back or side, but when I woke up this morning he was sleeping on his tummy sucking his fist. He was adorable. Again, I did not manage to get a photograph of that either, as his milk-sack radar alerted him to the presence of his breakfast. I am sure I will be able to catch him in the pose some other time though.

Today has been one of the harder days for the Baboo. WARNING THE FOLLOWING FOUR PARAGRAPHS MAY CAUSE HEART ATTACKS

This morning I made the error of leaving Melissa at the table eating her breakfast of French Toast while I attended to some personal matters in the washroom. I neglected to notice and remove two items from the table: the syrup and the salt. When I got back there were piles of sticky salt EVERYWHERE: on the table, on the floor, on the chairs, on Melissa's plate, and in Melissa's cup. Melissa's fuzzy pink sleeper was crusted over with syrupy salt. Her hands were covered in it. Even her face and hair had sticky salt-substance in them.

I was about to start cleaning up the mess when Melissa made the painful error of rubbing her EYES with her syrupy salt covered hands. Melissa's eye lashes were now crushed with the sticky salt: she was cryng and her eyes were tearing. It was a very pathetic sight. I stripped her, took her into the bathroom, put her in the tub, and began flushing out her eyes with water. We have a cord on the shower head, so I could move the water around. Melissa certainly did not co-operate with this procedure, but soon her cries changed from cries of pain to cries of anger. Once convinced her eyes were flushed out, I then washed her hair and body.

Meanwhile, poor Michael was in his swing screaming as well. Then the phone rang and I made the mistake of actually answering it while holding a wet, naked, screaming Melissa with Michael screaming in the background. It was someone responding to my ad about providing daycare. I guess I won't be hearing back from her anytime soon! Why could I not remember that we have voice-mail on our phone line now? I just do not understand.

Once Melissa was dried and dressed, she had to suffer the additional indignity of being confined to her room while I fed and changed Michael and cleaned up the mess in the kitchen. Her confinement was not specifically a punishment, but rather to protect both her and the rest of the house from a repeat or continuation of the previous incident.

For the next hour or so life continued smoothly, until I decided to check e-mail. Michael was rolling happily on the floor. Melissa was playing near the toybox. Then I heard a complaining sound from Michael. When I turned around it appeared that Melissa had tripped on him and falled over. A short distance away on the floor, glinting evilly, lay our BREAD KNIFE! Oh no! She must have gotton that out of the dish rack! A quick check of both children soon revealed no damage to either child from the incident. From here on out, knives have to be washed, dried, and PUT AWAY immediately after each use.

After her nap, Melissa also managed to learn the hard way about jumping on the couch. She had been warned numerous times that couches are for sitting. This time I could not catch her quick enough. I saw her perched on the back of the couch. Then I saw her jump into the air, do at least a half flip, before bouncing off the seat of the couch on her way down. I got there just as she landed hard on the back of her HEAD on the floor. A brief silence was followed by ear-spitting screams. Concerned that she might have seriously injured her back or neck, I did not pick her up, but made her get up and come to me. Which, thankfully, she was able to do with no problems. She cried on my lap for what seemed like forever before getting up and running off happily. She has seemed fine since, though I suspect there will be a bruise somewhere.

Melissa does have a few new tricks. She has recently mastered stripping down to her diaper and running around the house inspite of our encouraging her to stay clothed. Two nights ago she woke up crying in the night: naked except for her diaper and freezing cold. I HAD to laugh. It was just too funny. What does she expect will happen when she takes off her clothes and her blankets? I explained that clothes keep you warm and she has not repeated that performence since. She also can help me put clothes into the washing machine and also will help hang them on the line. After hanging clothes this afternoon I said, "now we are going to go do some cooking". The baboo grinned and said "cookie, cookie!"

"Uh-oh, I don't have any cookies," but off to the kitchen we went: the baboo saying what sounded like "me wanna cookie, cookie, cookie". Her first almost understandable sentence! Melissa did manage to forget about "cookie" when she saw an apple. Her chant changed to "appo, appo, appo." She crumbled some crackers while I peeled and sliced the apple for her.

Michael decided he wanted to be up and eating too, so I put him in his high chair. Since we had a really ripe banana, I tried him on that. He was all excited until it got to his mouth. Michael's reaction to banana was identical to Melissa's at the same age. He made an awful face and spit the banana right out. I tried giving him 3 bites of banana and when I got the same reaction each time, I gave up and fed him some rice cereal. That he ate happily, grinning all the while. Suddenly, I heard a gagging, choking sound: Melissa had stuffed multiple pieces of apple into her mouth and seemed to be chokinng. Her face was red. I said, courtesy of 1st aid courses galore, "Melissa, are you o.k.? Melissa can you talk?" Melissa looked at me, grew redder, swallowed hard, waved her hand, and said calmly "hello". She was fine, but that makes the fourth narrow escape she's had today from a trip to the ER.

I must go, as Michael is awake now and I hear what sounds like Melissa pounding the keyboard in the other room with a heavy object.

Thursday, January 25, 2001

Happy Chinese New Year!

Yesterday was Chinese New Year out here on the Wet Coast. Melissa's aunt Gail was out celebrating the night before and found some wonderful outfits for Melissa on sale. Here's some pictures of one of them: (1), (2), (3), (4).

In case you didn't spot the reference on the Progress Charts page, Cheryl acquired a new diversion for Melissa (and any other visiting child). The Sweet Baboo thinks it's peachy-keen.

The boy continues to grow in stature and intelligence. Here is a picture of him with his mother.

My dad came over last night to give me a long overdue haircut. My head was getting very shaggy.

Sunday, January 21, 2001

The End of the Sniffles?

Oops. I accidentally overwrote my previous entries on this page instead of moving them to our new achive folder. Sorry about that.

We at long last seem to be nearing the end of our travails with illness in this house. Cheryl had stuffed up sinuses last night, but is doing much better now. Melissa's nose seems to have stopped running -- though she herself continues to do so with abandon all the live-long day.

Michael too seems to have recovered well from his cold, all things considered. We discovered at his 4 month check-up this last Tuesday that he had an ear infection! This served to explain his sudden wailings and general fussiness last weekend.

He was a much happier boy this weekend. We think the antibiotic our doctor prescribed did its job. We are still going to give him the rest of his prescribed amoxil until it is done. There doesn't seem to be any point in going half-way in these things.

Michael has also graduated to his sister's high-chair -- but will be using it a bit less than she herself did.

Since these links were wiped out by my hasty updating, I present them here again for your viewing pleasure: (1) A tired little boy in his jolly-jumper, (2) Another tired little boy in his jolly-jumper.