Sunday, January 21, 2001

The End of the Sniffles?

Oops. I accidentally overwrote my previous entries on this page instead of moving them to our new achive folder. Sorry about that.

We at long last seem to be nearing the end of our travails with illness in this house. Cheryl had stuffed up sinuses last night, but is doing much better now. Melissa's nose seems to have stopped running -- though she herself continues to do so with abandon all the live-long day.

Michael too seems to have recovered well from his cold, all things considered. We discovered at his 4 month check-up this last Tuesday that he had an ear infection! This served to explain his sudden wailings and general fussiness last weekend.

He was a much happier boy this weekend. We think the antibiotic our doctor prescribed did its job. We are still going to give him the rest of his prescribed amoxil until it is done. There doesn't seem to be any point in going half-way in these things.

Michael has also graduated to his sister's high-chair -- but will be using it a bit less than she herself did.

Since these links were wiped out by my hasty updating, I present them here again for your viewing pleasure: (1) A tired little boy in his jolly-jumper, (2) Another tired little boy in his jolly-jumper.

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