Thursday, May 30, 2002

Look What Maddy Can Do!

Note: This was originally posted on our family website in May 2002.

I left her sitting on her bum in front of the bingo dog. The next time I looked at her, she was pulled up onto her knees getting legos out of the basket. Michael and Melissa were both in their room, and had not been near her. She did get stuck leaning into the Lego basket and I sat her back down, now she's trying to pull up again!

Pulling Up

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

The Roo

Note: Another post recovered by the waaaaay-back machine. This entry was posted on our family website back in May 2002.

This evening Allan went for a bike ride. He came back about an hour later to two toddlers wanting their TURN to ride in the bicycle trailer. However it was now dark and raining, so they were most disappointed when Daddy said, "No riding in the bike trailer tonight". They cheered up considerably when Daddy offered up the "Reader Rabbit Preschool" as an alternative. Melissa sat on Daddy's lap to play and Michael sat on a stool beside to watch.

They were all having a great time - except for Maddy. She was sitting by herself in the middle of the floor and feeling a bit left out. She started complaining. I took her into the bedroom to change her diaper and then decided to try some clothes on her to see what fit and what didn't. She was sitting on the floor next to the dresser, letting my hold up clothes against her and watching as I sorted clothes into the too small box and out of the too big box.

When I got to her bottom drawer, she tried to pull to kneeling on the front of the drawer. To her surprise (and mine), the front of the drawer came off. Maddy tumbled down and wailed, but soon calmed down. Then she discovered that the drawer was full of clothes - mostly dresses and sweaters. Maddy is a very tactile baby and took each item out of the drawer, feeling each one, holding them up, giving a few a little chew here and there before adding them to the stack on the floor. She tumbled backwards once and tried to crunch to sitting again. I ended up sitting her back up to play in the clothes again as I sorted through them.

Then Daddy, Melissa, and Michael came in to see what we were doing. Maddy leaned forward, almost in a crawl position, to grin at her Daddy. Now that she is finally feeling better from a month+ of continual colds, she is really starting to get interested in getting mobile!