Friday, July 01, 2005

Always log out

One of the things I've learned while working in IT is that you should ALWAYS log out when you are done online and step away from the computer. Otherwise someone else just might get access to your account with possibly dire consequences. It is not only hackers that are to be concerned about however - but members of your own office or home who might decide to have some fun while online as you. Remember - you'll be held accountable for anything the person says or does in your name! Even worse - small children might come and bang on the keyboard - erasing months of posts or messing with your blog template. So remember to always log out when you are done online!

This message brought to you by the number "2" and the letter "c"


LarryandJean said...

Oops. I hope ya'll didn't lose months of non-archived posts through a moment of inattention. :-(

Cheryl said...

no - but it COULD happen - that's all! ;)

Allan said...

Ahem .. my account was hijacked by the number 2 and the letter C. And for the record, she did it as a spoof, but it came a little too close to the real thing.