Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Michael's new haircut

Michael's new haircut
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The kids and I spent most of the day downtown C--- today. So when we passed the "$5 cutting den" with a stroller full of sleepy twins - I figured, "Why not get Michael's hair cut?"

Grandpa usually does it - but we haven't seen Grandpa in a while - plus he never wants to take much off which means either frequent haircuts or a boy with a shaggy head.

The Cutting Den is a real "old fashioned" barber shop with a real old barber. Michael was fascinated and happily hopped up on the real barber's chair for his haircut while the girls and I ran across the street to an ATM for cash as it is a cash only establishment. $5 for a basic boy's buzz cut! Ladies and girls haircuts START at $10.

Melissa said, "You look cool with your hair like that Michael - I hope it stays that way".


Sunny said...

Oh yes, he looks very cool. Cool and comfy too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! That IS a different look!


SBH said...

So Handsome!!!!