Sunday, July 10, 2005

Introducing the twins to the beach

M's in the surf
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We went out to Crescent beach yesterday afternoon. It was a beautiful, warm day and the tide was WAY out! Farther than we've ever seen it out! So we were able to walk way out to a sandbar - and let the children wade in sun-warmed tidal pools. We even found a LIVE crab!

Melissa & Michael on the rising tide

Allan meant for us to walk long ways before letting the M's play and in the sand and we hadn't even brought swim clothes as we were just planning on a walk along the beach! But that just didn't work out - he had the twins in the wagon and pulled it through the tidal pools to the sandbar - forgetting that there are HOLES in the bottom of the wagon. Both Megan and Maribeth got their robeez and pants soaked!

Fording the wagon

So we gave in and gave up and let everyone just go ahead and get wet and sandy with their clothes on!

Megan meditates on the sand

It was so nice and warm that even Maribeth went into the water some! But it wore her out and she fell asleep in the wagon on the way back to the van.

Maribeth napping in the wagon.

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Sunny said...

How beautiful! And how fun! I want to be there.