Thursday, July 28, 2005

Allan's Certified!

red sky at night / sailor's delight
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

No, NOT certifiable!! I can't believe you were thinking that. That's not the same thing at all.

Tonight was the last class for White Sail I and II and Allan came home with the White Sail I and II sailing certifications!

I'm very proud of him because he got "Demonstrated Consistently" on EVERY skill on both checklists. No "not demonstrated" and no "demonstrated." Demonstrated means the instructors saw you do it right at least once.

This marks the 1/2 way point in the summer and the sailing lessons. Then next 5 weeks - he will be taking his White Sail III certification.


LarryandJean said...

Wah-hooo, Allan! 'Tis plain to see that on your next east coast trip, some time on the boat with Sailor Dave really needs to be fitted into the schedule. :-)

LarryandJean said...

Good work, Allan! I hope that it has been not only educational but fun as well!


SBH said...

Sailor Dave would really like that!!

Allan said...

I'd love to go with SailorDave .. sailing class has been so much fun.