Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The twins tattle!

The other morning - I came out from the kitchen to discover a "Big Mess". I said, as parents are wont to do, "WHO MADE THIS MESS!" The twins (the usual suspects these days) were safely ensconced in their high chairs.

Maddy said "NOT ME." Michael and Melissa looked at each other conspiratorily and then simulaneously shrugged their shoulders and put on their best innocent faces.

Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl

Megan and Maribeth looked at each other across their high chair trays. Maribeth shook her head.

Megan sat up straight then stretched out her whole arm with an accusing finger pointed at the guilty party and proclaimed loudly, "MEWISSA!"

"Uhhh yeah!" agreed Maribeth.

I wish I had a camera at that moment to capture the look on Melissa's face. Her mouth literally dropped open and her eyes got bigger than I thought was possible. When she could speak, she gasped, "MEGAN TALKS!"

Then looked down and said quietly "and she's.....right".


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Oh that is just too funny! Definately one of those Kodak moments when you wish you had a camera in your hand at all times. LOL