Monday, July 11, 2005

A "Hugh" impersonator!

There is a Hugh impersonator in our neighbourhood! The kids called me to the window today to see a black and white cat with an uncanny resemblance to Hugh stalking something in our back yard.

The one and only Jungle Cat - Fear him.
A photo-set by AviatorDave.

M2 - "Look! That's HUGH!"

M3 - "Who is Hugh?"

M1 - "Uncle David's JUNGLE CAT!"

M3 - "Dat isss Uncle David's cat?"

M1 - "No - Uncle David and Hugh live far away."

M2 - "But it COULD be Hugh - he could be visiting."

M1 - "I told you they live far away."

M2 - "But Hugh could have flown Uncle David's plane over here."

M1 - "Michael - cats don't fly planes."

M2 - "But Uncle David could have flown the plane."

M3 - "Let's CATCH HUGH!"

M1 - "That is NOT Hugh - it just LOOKS like Hugh-the-jungle-cat."

M2 - "The cat is running away from us."

M1 - "You scared him!" (to me) Can we see Hugh's pictures on the computer .. PLEEEASSSSEE?"

M3 - "I want to see too!"

M2 - "But DOES Hugh get to fly in the airplane?"


Gail said...

I'll let David answer that last one....

David said...

There is only one Hugh, and he stays very close to his house in Pennsylvania. But there are lots of other cats that wear tuxedos.

He doesn't like riding in the car, so I don't think he would like flying.

As far as I know, he can't fly the plane himself. But he doesn't tell me everything...