Friday, July 15, 2005

I can't believe what Maribeth did!

Boy are we in for trouble! I was cooking in the kitchen this afternoon and heard what SOUNDED like china in the dining room. My china is in a locked cabinet - the key hidden in one of the drawers IN my silverware wooden box. I figured I had better investigate!

In the dining room - there were no older M's. Just Maribeth - holding the sugar bowl and sprinkling sugar on the floor. The key was IN the lock still and a chair was pushed over to where she had climbed up to open the drawer, open the silverware box, retrieve the key, climbed back DOWN to open the cabinet and then had taken the lid OFF the sugar bowl and put it onto a dinner plate (the sound I had heard).

Maribeth waving her ice-cream around
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When she saw me she said - "uh oh!" . An appropriate reaction for a small child just caught with their hand in the sugar bowl! I told her we needed to put it BACK and she said "yah' and handed me back the sugar bowl. After I put the bowl back IN the cabeinet - she reached over - turned the key - pointed to the part the key makes go out to lock the cabenit and said "do dis". They tell me this child is "delayed" a bit - I don't THINK SO!! I think it's more likely she just doesn't like to "perform" for doctors!

Wading pool
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I"m floored. Though I shouldn't be after yesterday.

Yesterday I was talking to my mom on the phone while doing laundry upstairs and mentioned that since the twins can climb up on chairs now - I really need to get to childproofing the windows "because I don't want the twins to push a chair over to the window, climb up and push on the screen and and maybe fall out".

Behind me there was whispering, giggling, and twin-chattering. Then I saw them toddle together into OUR room and shut the door behind them. When I got to them - they had pushed a chair over to the window (which was open), climbed on the chair and were pushing on the screen. They are still short though - so they could barely REACH the screen - which was a GOOD thing.


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Uncle Jo and I are cracking up here.