Saturday, July 02, 2005

How NOT to grocery shop - Part 2

This is the episode in which Cheryl demonstrates why we don't have our preschoolers do the grocery shopping. It started as a simple Saturday night motivational tactic: "Whoever is the biggest clean-up helper gets to come with me to get the movie and treats for our movie night." It was a brilliant move - as far as speed cleaning of the house went.

Now this cleanup was desperately needed AFTER the Sabbath afternoon in which the PARENTAL UNITS wanted a nap. So in order to GET a nap Allan said, "Go watch Veggie Tales" and Cheryl said, "I've hidden 2 bags of chocolate chips in this house - go find it and then eat them."

Then both of US fell asleep leaving all FIVE M's awake and on the hunt for chocolate chips and the key to the padlock on the entertainment unit. They were successful on both counts. We awoke after a nice hour's nap to chipper, chocolatey children and a HUGE mess.

So after supper the older M's jumped at the clean-up, vying to be the best and fastest helper. Maddy was definitely NOT as helpful but she was cheeful - despite her 1st bee sting - AND she had been dry all day. So I ended up taking all three.

First to the video store. They couldn't agree. In fact - we couldn't even get a "2 against 1." Melissa refused to vote with Michael for "A Bug's Life" or with Maddy for a "Dora the Explorer video." In the end, Melissa took the lawyer-like position of "'Baby Einstein' for the babies and then I can watch 'A Bug's Life' with Michael and Dora with Maddy."

What can I say? I fell for it. The kid learned from me (Allan says I'll regret giving them debate lessons).

Next stop was the grocery store for the promised snacks. We opted for the IGA near the video store. I have dropped in there before but have never taken the M's there. Their sharp little eyes spied something I had never noticed .. child-sized grocery carts. Squealing with glee over their good fortune and saying, "Thank you Mommy for bringing us!" ever so politely, hey each grabbed hold of a cart and ran into the store. I had to help Maddy not exhuberantly careen into displays, shelves, or people, so Melissa and Michael sort of struck off on their own - but stayed in sight.

It took me several aisles to realize what they thought we were there for. I was thinking, "a carton of juice and maybe some goldfish crackers." THEY were thinking they each got to fill their carts with whatever they liked. I vetoed some items - but was enjoying them so much that I let things go within reason.

Now it says a lot about them what they picked.

Michael: a half flat of mangoes! They were very ripe and very on sale. He's really been missing mangoes the past few weeks as I haven't bought any and he fell in love with them in the Philippines. He also had Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese (again, on sale) orange juice (also on sale), Fruit Loops (also on sale). The kid didn't pick a single non-sale item!

Maddy: 1 gallon of apple juice, 1 gallon of milk (as she would still rather just drink apple juice and milk sippies all day), and she tried to pick a lot of candy that I said no to.

Melissa: 1 gallon of chocolate milk, a "5-Alive" can of fruit juice, and ice-cream!! Plus, I put some diet soda in her cart for Allan and I.

Somehow if I could get them all to just drink water - I think we would save a fortune! Juice fiends the lot of them!

They were so polite too.

"Thank you for the videos Mommy."
"Thank you for the Juice and chocolate milk Mommy."
"Thank you for the ice-cream - it's a great treat Mommy."

.. I spoil them - I really spoil them. They can be such fun. But this evening's excursion cost double what I had planned to spend!

They have now eaten their ice-cream, watched the Dora video, and Allan is starting "A Bug's Life" after which they are going to bed. The twins went to bed while we were gone.


LarryandJean said...

It sounds like an absolutely delightful outing for everyone...

except your budget, of course.

You know, that shopping expedition just might be one of those apparently little occasions that sticks in children's memories for their whole lives. What a blessing for the M's that it will be such a GOOD memory! :-)

Allan said...

Hmm .. blogger says there are 2 comments here (not including this one) and I can only see one. Odd. Very odd.

Allan said...

Oh phooey .. now the count is right. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

I wondered about that phantom post, too. Can comments be deleted? If so, perhaps when there was another comment posted, then the counter might have reset itself.

AuntMBJ said...

Learning shopping is a good experience for them. As they get older you'll be glad for it. In five years it will be "Michael, you go find the best bargain on ketchup in this store, Melissa, you pick up the healthiest bread you can find" etc. In ten years it will be "Here kids, take the list and the money and get the groceries for mommy." And they will be your baby bargain hunters.

Cheryl said...

There was another comment - I got it on e-mail. Whether it was deleted or blogger had a hiccup - I don't know.

Whyme said...

Sounds like a nice day and well behaved kids.

Well done.