Friday, July 08, 2005

Happy 6th Birthday Melissa!

Birthday girl
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Well her birthday is actually tomorrow - but we did her birthday celebration tonight. It was understated this year because the "big" gift to ALL the kids was their swing-set. The kids still had a great time. Michael and Maddy made Melissa cards and decorated a gift for her. I found a "pin the bow on Hello Kitty" game online and Melissa cut that out.

We made her "favourite" supper. Chicken strips, home-made macaroni-and-cheese with REAL cheddar cheese, corn, and potato chips with dip. Then we had chocolate cake for dessert. I had planned to make the cake this year with Melissa - but realized too late that we were missing some ingredients. So after Allan got home - Melissa and I made a run to Safeway for a bought cake and a big pail of rainbow sherbet!

After a game of pin the bow on the "Hello Kitty" - it was, "present time, present time - open the presents and see what's inside."

Melissa opens her gifts
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Melissa's loot this year: A card and 2 ballet books from Mommy and Daddy. One had a necklace!

"From" Michael and Maddy (they decorated the box anyway!): cards, matching princess dresses for Maddy and Melissa. Plus pink and blue summer PJ sets.

From Auntie Beth: a new Dick and Jane early reader collection in hardcover and some very pretty hair things.

Grandmommy talked to Melissa today and told her that her gift was in the mail and should arrive next week!

And finally - she, Michael, and Maddy got to go to the ferry to pick up UNCLE ALVIN! Melissa insisted that everyone needed to save cake and ice-cream for him - but there was no worries about that! There was no way we could have eaten it all after that big supper.

Birthdays - Photos from birthdays past and present
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David said...

Happy Birthday Melissa!


Gail said...

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl! Wow, 6 years old already!

LarryandJean said...

Me Too! Me Too!

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Grampa LaClair

mossflower said...

Happy Birthday Melissa!

Cherie, you do GOOD birthdays! I'm Jelous.