Friday, June 03, 2005

Look! No More Scratches

Look no more scratches
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Leo the cello has returned. I'm so glad to have my instrument back! He's sounding better than ever. Yes - I had to PLAY it for a good 2 hours before photographing it - one must prioritize one's hobbies here!

Even Allan noted that the sound was much "bigger" and "nicer" now. Repairs included a new bridge, re-glueing of the saddle, neck and a bit of a seam, touch-ups to the varnish which had accumulated many scratches, dings and even a couple bad chips.

The luthier said he sees a lot of cellos - but not many nice old ones and it was a pleasure to work on Leo - while adding again that he could sell my cello in no time at all but that people with the old 7/8 cellos tend to keep them for life. Which is exactly what I intend to do!

New Bridge
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For the interested: the bridge is a smaller full size - cut down a bit - but still is a bit bigger than optimal though significantly smaller than the one put on previously. He said he will have a couple of 7/8 bridges custom ordered in for the "once in a blue moon" occurance of a cellist in the area needing one - even if is just me back in 10 years.

A Flash Photo - Leo had his neck glued, saddle glued, seam glued, got new bridge, and his varnish touched up.
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I also owe a huge thank you to Gumpa - left for 2.5 hours with all 5 M's. The older three who did NOT listen, instead fought, whined, and trashed the house. The babies slept for an hour and were in their high chairs being fed the odd combo of taco-seasoned beans and orange wafer cookes when I got home. But they at least were happy.

On a completely different note - do not attempt to stare down a cat. It's pointless and you'll leave the experience feeling rather inferior and insignificant. At least I was successful in NOT being convinced to bring food out to the cat. It's not my cat, I'm NOT going to feed it. (No matter how much it is the spitting image of my late first cat "Fluffy Kitty".) It can catch some mice if it is that hungry. Avoid the demanding eyes of the cat - by closing the blinds and going upstairs to bed - muttering at one's dh - "that CAT is bothering me - it kept LOOKING AT ME - now I can't sleep".

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LarryandJean said...

Inquiring minds need to did the freshly rejuvinated Leo behave during the concert?