Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Melissa's registered for Ballet for next year!

She starts in Sept! We found an actual dance studio.

I was bicycling to Curves and saw a big sign advertsing registrations at a local dance studio right here in town - so I followed the sign and pedaled right over!

After Curves - I returned with Melissa to complete the registration process and get her signed up for next year.

The studio is about 1 mile from here. If I absolutely HAD to walk all the kids down there I could, though I'd rather NOT. It is a smaller studio - not part of a big chain - and they seemed very friendly. The owner has 4 children. The lady registering her youngest for dance has 6. Her youngest is in high school. Should our other girls ever be interested - they DO give family discounts for group classes!

So Melissa will be in Junior ballet a class/week. It will be Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm. So far Melissa will be the youngest in the class. That will be a switch because the age-range in preschool ballet with Parks & Rec is from 3-5 years-old and Melissa (at 1 month away from 6 yrs) has been the oldest. Plus she's the oldest at home.

Ballerina - A fleeting moment. Our Sweet Baboo is growing up."
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The classes will be more serious than at Parks & Rec: hair has to be in buns with hair net, no stray ends, etc. There will be a stricter dress code instead of the more relaxed dress at Parks & Rec classes.

Now get THIS - recitals are on SUNDAYS! We are SDA - so that was a big concern with dance schools as most recitals are on Sabbaths. I didn't notice until I got back home and looked at the whole schedule of classes but the classes run Sunday - Friday: NO classes on Saturdays! I'll have to ask them about that next time; because I've called almost all the dance studios within about 1 hour of here and EVERYONE had recitals on Saturday afternoons!

Plus the cost is half that of some of the other places I called. Melissa is so excited! Of course she is sad that ballet is over for the summer but happy that she'll be taking classes again in the fall.

Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.


LarryandJean said...


Wow, walking distance if need be, great time and day (can you do Curves at the same time?), family friendly, more affordable fees, better role models, AND Melissa can be part of the recitals. Praise God for His wonderful blessings!


Allan said...

Pink text .. ack, ack!

Jo said...

Sounds like a great deal all the way around girl and she looks soooooo adorable in those ballet pictures. :)