Monday, June 06, 2005

Cello Section

Cello Section
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This was pre-concert - Allan didn't take any photos or video during the concert as it wasn't really allowed. I was a tad disappointed he didn't get a bootleg audio clip on his Axim but the batteries were dead.

I haven't yet sorted out what to say about the concert. It was and is rather surreal. I'm torn between feeling like I did well overall and being very acutely aware of the places that I missed notes or just "faked it" or places where we just weren't all together. Though overall it went well and the pianist was simply amazing! She's trying to get exposure out here - but has played with many world renowned orchestras including the New York Philharmonic - so was definitely at a whole different level from the Fraser Valley Symphony!

Allan said I looked like I belonged there and that he couldn't pick out my playing from the rest of the cello section - I said that is a GOOD thing! I am definately looking forward to playing next season! As well as when I have more time in my life - there are more musical opportunities. Many in the FVS also play in the Chilliwack symphony and chorus - they do 2 concerts a year with choir and orchestra. Plus others have formed trios and quartets that play locally. Plus people get asked to play for weddings and other events. In fact someone was asking around for musicions to about a musicians to do music for an anniversary party in 2 weeks - but that is definately NOT something I'm prepared to do at this stage. But maybe down the road - 10-15-20 years. I'm the youngest in the cello section - the only one under 40. So rather than feeling that I'm "too old" - now I feel like there is lots of time left for making music.

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