Thursday, June 02, 2005

New word - COW

A Cow for You
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

Megan said, "Dat COW." Maribeth echoed, "Cowooo."

They are very impressed with the felt cows that Grandmommy sent out.

They also share better than your average 16 month old. According to the child development books - children do not understand the concept of sharing until around age 3 - but mine have seemed to catch on to the concept way earlier. While the twins do get into scuffles over toys from time to time - for the most part they hand things back and forth and take turns pretty well for a couple of 1 year olds!

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LarryandJean said...

Could their astonishingly fast learning curve also have something to do with, not only mommy and daddy, but also big brother (and sister?), confiscating quarreled-over toys and setting them high out of reach to give them opportunity to think about the advantages of sharing? Of course, it could be because they are just amazingly brilliant little people... :D

GMP--totally unbiased, of course ;-)