Monday, June 06, 2005

Stress and other ramblings

There's a lot of stress right now within our circle. Details are not important - but sometimes the cumulative affect can be overwhelming. People have lost loved ones and face the monumental task of sorting out all the belongings, there are those with work stressors - too inumerable to name, relationship amd interpersonal stresses, financial challenges, those with health situations, school stress, church situation stress. This does not seem to be unusual either - in today's society peole seem to be facing an unprecedented amount of personal stress.

Now there is good stress and bad stress of course - any decent course in something (sociology? psychology?) will tell you that stress in some doses can be motivating and a good thing. But too much taxes the body, mind and spirit. People get grouchy and sometimes even physically sick. Communication can break down and rational decision making can be suspended thus leading to actions that those same people in their right minds would never have considered.

Of the many things people try as a solution to stress - let me save you all some time and $ and let you know one of the things that is NOT an answer to reducing personal stress ..

.. taking 5 small children to Chuck E. Cheese.

CheeseCam- Madeleine and Melissa ride with The Mouse.
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

That's right folks - do not be deceieved - The Giant Mouse is NOT the answer to the problems that trouble you today.

CheeseCam- Megan and Maribeth have a turn.
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

Instead of the fulfillment, peace, and dinner you seek - you shalt be sat on by babies who sat in post-chewed bubble gum of unknown origin, you shall chase toddlers near and far to the furtherest corners of the the dining establishment and from a distances ye shalt see YOUR pizza being eaten by in bites by hyper children on the run ..

.. You might even watch in horror as your preschooler picks her scab and wipes the blood on the play equipment. Or may you find yourself wishing the earth might swallow you whole when this same child divests herself of wet undergarments and races about showing off her most private places in the most public of places. Then at last you shall see the image of the very mouse himself is now emblassoned on your children's arms as you leave for home, poorer, wiser and much tireder. Chuck E. Cheese is not the answer and don't you believe our kids when they try to tell you that it is either!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my. What an adventure, er, misadventure.