Friday, June 24, 2005

Lockdown Over Here

We have just installed a padlock locking the cabinet with the TV shut, latches keeping the fridge and freezer shut, and a latch to keep the pantry shut.

Michael has been getting up in the very early am - waking his sisters and traipsing them down here to watch video's and DVDs before Allan and I wake up. They have also been putting videos/dvd's in when I'm out of sight during the day and putting up fusses about doing chores or working on reading or any other "school" stuff. Plus fighting constantly - which I think lack of sleep might be a contributing factor.

Plus they have been helping themselves to food out of the fridge and pantry in the morning and throughout the day and refusing to eat meals I prepare for them. Stuff like eating a whole package of cheese slices (AND leaving the plastic cheese slice wrappers all over downstairs and having babies almost choke on them!)and eating half a container of brown sugar. Taking 2 bites out of all the apples and leaving them around the house - I keep finding yucky partially eaten apples all over the place. Gross and wasteful. I'm sick of it. So we're locking stuff up since they can't be trusted.

I do feed them: 3 meals and 1 snack, plus the twins also get 2 bottles of formula a day still. No one is going to starve and water is always available to drink. Though if they figure out how to bypass the fridge lock, Allan says he'll install a lockable actual door on the kitchen and then they'll have to get unfiltered tap water out of the bathrooms in between meals.

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