Saturday, June 04, 2005

It's a Small World

Megan and Maribeth are really starting to hit their stride in the growth department. Day by day I can see them becoming more confident in their walking, in choosing where they want to go and what they want to do. Still, Maribeth is awfully small for her age, and she consequently she gets a lot of comments about how cute she is.

Maribeth Wants the Camera
- From this view she could be 6 months not 16 months. In fact she weighs less than Maddy and Michael did at 6 months.

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If you have a digicam or PDA on your person, make sure you keep track of it at all times when visiting our house. Dollars to donuts, if you leave it vulnerable, even if for only a second, Maribeth will zero in on it and nab it.

"Kindly hand over the hardware .."
- ".. and no one gets hurt." Maribeth's fascination with gadgets and digicams continues unabated..

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Even though Maribeth was and is the smaller of the two, she was the first to figure out that there's no point in wailing when one is deposited on the couch. Maribeth learned how to scramble down off the couch long before Megan did. She still is the sibling I'm betting will eventually challenge Melissa's climbing supremacy.

Everthing is Huge
- When you're 16 months old and just over 2 feet, everything seems really big.

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One of Maribeth's little quirks is that she loves to be read to. We're not sure quite how much she does comprehend, but it is enough that she can be quite demanding when it comes to asking someone to read to her. If she comes over to you with a board book and drops herself into your lap, prepare to read the book at least 3 times.

"No wonder these figures are off!"- I'm reading this ledger upside down!
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Not to contradict Cheryl's previous post about the girls sharing, but there is a certain amount of competition between the two. Megan is definitely aware that she is bigger and can push her way around more, but Maribeth is also not one to let herself get run over. I am becoming very aware of who it is I pick out of their crib first thing in the morning and what the reaction is of the sibling who has to go 2nd.

"I'll get you my pretty!"- Maribeth can really focus in on an objective when she chooses to. When she gets that look on her face, it's pretty hard to dissuade her from going after whatever it is she has her sights on.
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Cheryl said...

They KNOW whose turn it's supposed to be to be picked out of the crib. I alternate and heaven help me if I pick up the same twin two times in a row!