Wednesday, June 29, 2005

How NOT to grocery shop

I should know better by now. I do know better. I pride myself on smart shopping - don't go when hungry, hit off peak periods, stick to the list unless you find a loss leader GREAT SALE......

Well - in my sinus congested haze - I made a grave error. I skipped supper (after having had an early lunch!) to go to the grocery store right in the after work/suppertime rush without a grocery list. The catalyst for this rash action was that I was OUT of decongestant! My head was stuffed solid - so like a common drug addict - I abandoned reasonable action in an effort to obtain the desired pills.

I made it to the store in one piece - but barely. The head cold affected my sense of balance and creating a floating/spinning sensation was certainly not conducive to safe driving. I half expected to be pulled over for "DUI" at any moment - though I wasn't under the "influence" of ANY chemical. (which was of course the problem). In addition my ears were plugged and my hearing was as if I was underwater.

Through some miracle - I actually had a quarter on me to get a cart with! But after finding the decongestant (which of course I couldn't take until I PAID FOR) - I simply for the life of me couldn't remember WHAT else I needed to get. As I pushed the cart through the store - the effects of low blood sugar began to catch up to me and the edges of my vision kept going gray and I kept starting to see double. FOCUS - FOCUS! I told myself sternly.

But it was useless - I was sick, hungry and close to blacking out - the only things I could focus on were the yellow "sale" prices on marked down items. I followed the "yellow tag road" from item to item as my world went from color to gray and blurred in and out. Looking only at each yellow tagged item to see if it was somethign that we might eat. If we would eat it - it went in the cart. When the cart looked fullish - I managed to make it to the checkout. I did not even notice the total - just handed over the VISA and signed the receipt.

Once in the car - I downed the decongestant, and 2 bread and cheese sandwiches before attempting the journey home. When at long last I pulled into the driveway - Allan ran out to met me. He had been concerned that it had taken me 2 hours to get decongestant. He grabbed some of the bags and exclaimed "HEY someone ripped open this package of cheese". "That was ME" I said - "I had to eat".

Imagine his surprise to find the grocery bags full of an odd assortment of things including "KRAFT" brand peanut butter, evaporated milk, 4 big blocks of cheese, 2 big family packs of cheese slices, Frozen chicken burgers, 3 kinds of frozen meatballs, veggieburgers, deli meat slices, tiny mini-go cups and the like along with a varitable pharmacy of vitamins and over the counter cold medications......not exactly my typical from scratch shopping trip! The reciept from the trip was an even bigger shocker - the total cost - $267!!!

And THAT is how NOT to go grocery shopping!


LarryandJean said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I know I shouldn't have laughed so...your poor budget...but, oh, that was funny!


AuntMBJ said...

Look at it this way, at least you won't have to go shopping for a while. Because you're stocked up!

SBH said...

I also have made the mistake of shopping while hungry without a list (I actually had a small list, but forgot it) Definatley not quite the same as your story.. & my experience only set me back $60.00