Monday, June 27, 2005

Arrgh! Return to Colds 'R' Us

Our sociable Maribeth caught a bug last weekend while we were out at Hope. She spent most of last week hacking, coughing, and being generally miserable. Cheryl and I hoped that the rest of us would manage to dodge the bug, but it was not to be.

Pretty in Pink
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On Friday I started to hack. Melissa started coughing on Saturday. Megan's nose began to run on Saturday afternoon too. It was pretty much downhill from there.

We knew on Friday that we weren't up to the usual hyperactivity that goes on at church, so we planned a quiet day instead. By noon on Saturday, the kids seemed ready to get out of the house, so we decided to take advantage of our membership at the Vancouver Aquarium.

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You can blame me, because going was my idea. I should have remembered that weekends at the Aquarium are an absolute zoo, no pun intended. So much for our quiet day.

Ewwwww! - From wiping the runny nose right into the mouth! (No wonder these babies get so many colds!)
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The kids enjoyed themselves, but we all paid the price as Melissa started hacking on our way home and then threw up on herself. Michael and Madeleine were still feeling okay, so I took them to a birthday party thrown for one of their little friends from church.

Butterfly - Hey cool, it actually turned out. I put the camera on macro mode, while a small person was jerking my other hand as I was trying to get this shot.
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Sunday morning we were all starting to feel pretty bad. Cheryl had a headache most of yesterday, but we weeded the flower and herb beds in front of the house anyhow.

We're Funny!
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Cheryl managed to get some sleep last night and was alright enough for me to call in sick this morning. She kept the house going while I slept as best I could through the day. The irony of it is that Maribeth is feeling fine now, while Megan is the miserable one. By this afternoon my throat was feeling a little better, and my headache had gone away. I got supper together while Cheryl went out to the gym and the grocery store.

We want your computer!
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Hopefully we've hit our collective low-point and the rest of this week will steadily improve.

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