Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Lab results came back and I'm "fine"

Though I am still a bit anemic so I need to stay on iron supplements and my thyroid levels have increased but are still well within normal she's willing to treat it. But she said we'll just keep testing every year or two. She looked back on my charts and apparently I was borderline hyperthyroid back before kids (would explain my being superskinny, tons of energy, eating whatever I wanted and sleeping only 4-5 hours a night).

Now I need 7-9 hours to feel rested and I hate that. But she said putting my on thryoid meds to put me back into HypERthyroid would not be good for me. Hard on the heart for one thing and would put me at risk for oesteoporosis later on. So unless it gets over the normal range - she's not going to do anything. So I have, in the words of Allan, "lost my superpowers and become a mere mortal." Oh thanks!

Before: Super Cheryl
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She thinks some of my hair falling out and other stuff like being cold more than I used to are due to my body adjusting hormonally to NOT nursing twins. I only stopped nursing Maribeth towards the end of Feb - so she said really my body has been through a lot and will need some time to adjust to NOT being pg or breastfeeding.

After: Mortal (but Even-More-Super) Cheryl
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The Dr also thinks my fatigue and joint pain the past couple months was parvo virus. We think the kids may have had it earlier this year and apparently it can affect adults with fatuige and joint swelling and pain for several months. It is starting to get better so that's good. I don't have any indications of lupus or arthris and other stuff she tested for.

The Dr. also thinks I just probably need to work on more exercising to re-set my metabolism from the bedrest, pregnancy, then nursing twins. My body probably thinks it needs more food than it does. So I need to cut back on quantity and eat healthier, try to exercise over the summer and see if that helps at all. If exercise and diet changes don't help - come back.

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