Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Homeschool day

Today we did more "school" in one day than we have in a while.

Today has included:

Last day "rowing" the FIAR book: "The Very Last First Time." - with a focus on science and supplemtary sea life book.

Workbooks - Melissa and Michael each 3 pages. Melissa's Current workbook is Modern Curriuculm Press 1st Grade phonics. Michael's is Rod and Staff Preschool working book D.

Math - Intro to Lesson 18 in Math U See primer. They watched DVD twice - counting by 10's - practice with blocks with me and 1st 2 practice pages.

Reading practice 30 min each Melissa and Micheal (variety of resources including Phonics Pathways, Teach Your child to read in 100 easy lessons, home-made by Grandmommy easy readers and good old "Dick and Jane" reprints)

Letter of the day - "C" writing worksheets and "c" coloring pages/tracing sandpaper letter (mostly Maddy)

"Crunching Cookies" and "Cleanup"

Oh and Maddy made lunch "peabutter", jam, AND honey sandwiches. With only minimal help from me. She was very proud of herself!

Now things were helped along that Grandpa came out for a couple hours today - though he had the misfortune to arrive right when the M's were getting the lecture over the "oatmeal incident". I'll leave this to your imagination - just think "apple oatmeal" "twins" and "living room".

Now back a few years ago just the "oatmeal" incident itself would have been worthy of it's own post and funny story. But now I am a seasoned and jaded toddler parent. It no longer shocks or seriously upsets me to discover that the toddlers have unrolled a whole roll of toilet paper, stuck half of it into the toilet (full of preschool pee) and stuck the other half roll in yucky toilet/pee watery blobs all over the bathroom for the 2nd time in one day - "O.k. kids - twins are playing in the toilet again - we need to clean up".

Similiary - a preschooler taking bites out of the cheese and eating sugar with a spoon doesn't warrent a story. Neither does a 16 month old sitting on top of the computer monitor in the living room. "oh - just a minute Melissa - I've got to get Megan off the computer again"- these things are now just a matter of course. Normal happenings in a life with small children.

A few years ago, after a day with several of these instances, I would be phoning Allan, "Come home NOW! Melissa and Michael keep getting into everything and are driving me crazy!" - where today I am able to say, "Oh, we had a GREAT day." Odd. Very odd.

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