Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It's a sick, sad world out there

Innocent photos of naked or even just diapered children can be taken and re-posted on other websites for less than innocent purposes. Many mamas at several on-line boards I'm on have found out photos they have posted of their children are on such a board and are trying to do something to get the photos taken down; pursuing methods both legal and less so. I saw someone had posted that someone else (no I personally have no idea WHO) is going to try to disable the site via hacking route.

I was able to get on to it with another mama's registration (as registrations at that site have been disabled and you need a paid membership to view photo galleries anyway) and after a long hour going through photos did NOT find any of our precious M's. Thank goodness! But this is just another reminder why any cute but even remotely questionable photos of the M's should be shown to family members via e-mail and not uploaded or posted online.

If by any chance any family has photos of the M's that might fall into this category still online - we would appreciate it if they would be deleted. Anywhere where it's possible that they could be downloaded from.

We've even had our own sweet baboo's ballet photos online favorited by a very questionable looking flickr user. Though we have made all our photos undownloadable by anyone that we have not marked in flickr as friends and family - I still find it disturbing.

I'm not sure how much to worry about this in the grand scheme of things. How much does it really matter or not? But I do find it disturbing and feel bad for all the mamas tonight who have found out that the photos they shared on parenting boards have been used in ways they did not intend.

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Jo said...

Your post was so much more elequent than mine. :) I think we're all shocked and saddened by this.