Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Books that aren't worth reading and magazines that are

Yes - once again I have wasted an entire evening reading a horrible novel - something not worth reading. Yes - there are books out there so bad that that they are not worth reading - most of which seem to be found residing in the Curves book exchange basket.

I keep getting suckered into thinking, "Oh let's see if there's a book I can borrow while I'm here ... hmmm - this one looks like it will be good."

It never is and of course not. If the book was any good at all it would NOT be sitting there in the book exchange basket! Most people don't get rid of good books - just books they don't care to ever read again. It took me only 7 horrible novels to finally clue in on that one.

The only book worth reading / keeping that I've brought home from Curves was a book on "Surviving Prostate Cancer" written by a journalist. I've forgotten the exact title and the name of the author and am too lazy to walk upstairs to find out. Now THAT was interesting, informative, and well written. The funny thing there is I brought it home with me after hearing the Curves staff members derisively clucking amongst themselves about, "Whoever would bring a book on prostate cancer to somewhere that's for women only?" and, "Oh whatever shall we do with it?"

I think from now on I'll stick to the library - my sucess rate there has been a lot better. I'm almost finished with a good new library book - Animals in Translation : Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior by Temple Grandin.

Plus, I've discovered magazines! After a couple of months - the libraries put the magazines into circulation to be checked out. While I don't always have time to read a whole book - it's pretty easy to read at least a few articles out of a magazine. So I've been checking out all sorts of magazines - Popular Science, Newsweek, Parents, O[prah], Bicycling - all sorts of quality mentally stimulating magazines that can be read in short bits here and there. Today I even checked out some kids magazines for the children. It's a whole library of magazine potential - just there waiting to be read. No large time committment required!

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David said...

Yay, Popular Science! One of my faves. The only magazine with ads in the back like "Build Your Own Submarine!" and "Antigravity Generator - Plans $25!"

My antigravity generator still has a few bugs in it, apparently. I can't get the car more than a few inches off the ground.