Friday, June 24, 2005

By foot and by stroller

By foot and by stroller
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Today the M's were restless - so I packed them up for a "long walk." We set out with no clear idea of where we were going - just headed for downtown Cloverdale.

The kids were impressed: "Hey we're in a big city!" "I didn't know there was a big city near us."

We started with the library: read a couple books, picked out a few more books to check out, renewed the books we forgot to return, and made a bathroom stop where Maddy was already wet and had to wear one of the twins disposable diapers.

Then we walked past (and stopped to observe) some construction on the new Seniors centre - then over to the DQ for treats.

At large in the Library
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Then the road back (a different way home of course) with a stop by the grocery store before beginning the walk home. Having had bottles, french fries, and then ice-cream - both twins zonked out in the stroller for the whole walk back home and trip through the grocery store.

All told - I estimate that we walked approximately 4 miles! I'm much encouraged because this means we don't need the van to get out and do things! Maddy only whined and balked the last 3 blocks home. Michael and Melissa kept up easily. I am hoping they all sleep well tonight!

Masochist that I am - I went to work out at Curves after Allan got home. Plus I did Pilates last night. I'm definitely sore already!

All this exercise in hopes of actually starting to lose weight. In the 4 months since I started at Curves (and since I stopped nursing Maribeth) I have GAINED 3 lbs and I need to lose 20-30.

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