Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ballet Recital

Ballet class
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It was Melissa's ballet recital today - I debated taking her as the twins and Maddy have colds. However - I didn't want to disappoint Melissa - so we gave the younger girls a dose of Triaminic cough and cold and went - planning to keep the babies far from any other recital attendees.

The Hairdo
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Inventory - 50 bobbypins, 12 barrettes, 1 pink gauzy "scrunchy" (with stars on the tips), 2 litres Aquanet Final Hold.*

* Famous in the 1980's as the first epoxy formulation for the fashion industry. Also used in the space program to keep the solar panels of the International Space Station sticking out straight.

Unfortunately they had a substitute ballet teacher for their recital; one who didn't know what they had been working on. The kids co-operated with her and performed very well - even though it wasn't exactly what they had rehearsed. (It was in fact much simpler stuff.) Still it was fun to watch Melissa get to dance - at least until the twins decided they had ENOUGH of sitting in tbe stroller - that is!

Little Ballerina- who was quite upset that she ripped her tights
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This will be the end of ballet for Melissa until fall. I will be researching actual dance schools, though we may be able to have her do another year with Parks and Recreation program.

Mugging for the camera- She may not have been paying attention in class, but you gotta love the photo anyhow.
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LarryandJean said...

Oh, I LOVE that last photo; to me it says, "here is a very happy ballet girl"!