Monday, December 12, 2005

When it rains - it pours!

Today was one of those days that did not go as planned. For starters all 7 of us woke up sick with a miserable cold. We muddled through the day with that - before the next really bad thing happened.

The van died.

With NO warning. Normally I have a sense that something is wrong before something bad with the van happens. Not this time.

I was headed out to FVS rehearsal with my cello and suddenly just before the 232nd Street exit, I realized nothing was happening when I stepped on the gas and I was going slower and slower and slower in the fast lane. I managed to get over (mostly) into the breakdown lane before rolling to a complete stop. I was straddling the wide line between the lane and the breakdown lane with large trucks and heavy traffic swerving around me.

The van would not start.

Fortunately I HAD a cell phone (thank-you GAIL!) and was able to call BCAA. But I still had to wait a while. Not being able to get the van all the way into the breakdown lane, I decided to vacate the vehicle and wait for the tow-truck off to the side of the road. That was one COLD 45 minuite wait!

I had to get a taxi home from the Dodge dealership, as I had my cello with me (which precluded walking home from Langley - something Allan would have had a fit over anyway) and no change for a bus even if I could have found a bus stop.

The van dying in December right AFTER we both did our Christmas shopping, is bad enough. BUT he was supposed to work on a very urgent work project from home tonight and it appears his computer at work has frozen or been turned off or something bad. He can't connect to it. So he's got an urgent project that he can't DO anything about tonight.

He's been unsuccessful so far in finding a ride in with a co-worker so he is going to have to bike to work in December - in freezing weather and probably icy conditions. Then maybe pull an all-nighter tomorrow night. That combined with the stress of "what if the van is really dead and we have to get new car and a payment and Cheryl has to go work every night for Mcdonalds" has Allan pretty stressed out. For one of the first times in our relationship - Allan is too stressed to sleep or do anything useful. So I put him to work cutting out FIAR story disks for our map.

On my end - this is the 2nd orchestra practice I've missed in a row - I had to skip last week for a co-op general membership meeting to give a financial report. I'm also scheduled to have my gall bladder removed surgically 4 days before the rehearsal with the soloist and only 10 days before the next concert. I'm getting this feeling that I may NOT be able to play in the next orchestra concert.

The double stroller died a sad death last week. So I'm without a stroller of any kind - single or double. I do have the wagon but the belts are broken and the twins try to climb out while it's moving. That will make for a fun day on Wed if I have to walk Melissa AND Maddy to dance class with everyone. Being without a van AND without a stroller is a new one.

But really, I'm too tired and sick to care much at this point. Que sera sera. What will be will be. It'll all work out in the end. or not. But I can't fix any of it tonight.


Gail said...

I have a suggestion, in lieu of a real solution. Do you know of anyone going on holiday shortly and will be leaving their vehicle? You know, something you can borrow in the interim until you can get a vehicle sorted out? (It's too bad Eliza's brother doesn't work for Mazda anymore to negotiate a deal, he now works for Mercedes and I don't think you want any of their vehicles. I'll make some calls, see what I can find.)

Cheryl said...

That's a good idea - we'll check around. Allan also looked at transit routes and he only has to walk 3 blocks to catch a bus to about 1.5 blocks from work. It'll take longer than biclying (which is why he never did through the spring/summer/fall) - but will be safer. He just has to get some change for the bus or a book of bus tickets.