Friday, December 16, 2005

Tattling twin

Megan came to me yesterday and said very clearly "Marbef talking phone!!" Mama - Marbef TALKING PHONE" and pulled on my leg.

I followed Megan and found Maribeth under the table with my cell phone and she HAD dialed someone. There was 15 seconds on the phone call. I just hung up though - I didn't talk to them. I checked the history and there are several numbers there that I do NOT recognize and a few that aren't complete numbers.

In fact a few minutes later some guy just called me wanting to know who I was and what I wanted because I was on his call display. Having temporary memory block - I haven't called anyone and said " who are YOU?". Not giving my name of course. He was insisting someone from my phone had called him. So I finally clued in and told him that my kids were playing with my phone and apologized.

So I'm going to make sure I don't leave my cell phone out in the future or I'm going to have some horrid cell phone bills. I just can't believe Megan told on her.

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