Friday, December 09, 2005

The Boar's Head Dinner #2

The Boar's Head Dinner #2
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Tonight was the second of The Boar's Head Dinner/concerts.

This time they had a harpsicord for some of the music instead of just a piano. It really added to the authenticity. I love playing with harpsicords and rarely get the chance to. My cello (being from that era) was made to play with harpiscords, not pianos. I am using modern strings, not gut strings, which do help the sound to carry better, but even so I find that I'm very easily overpowered by a grand piano or even a baby grand. Not so with a harpsicord!

When the string trio was playing we were right out in front of the choir with me getting to be right next to the harpsicord. I was sorry tonight to be done playing!

Though I must say - my wrists & fingers are feeling it! We had a rehearsal, then the string trio played carols for 30 min before the dinner, then playing in the concert!

Still it was a lovely evening and getting paid for it was even better!

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Mama Bird said...

Oh, that does sound like a fun evening!