Friday, December 30, 2005

All in the name of art

Promising young artist MelissaE has taken a new direction into the post-modern, with her latest avante guarde art projects. Our art critic was given a sneak preview of these new works:

Twin Trouble - An impressionist pair of paintings done in oil-based paint on live twin toddlers wearing all pink matching outfits. These bold pieces allude to a darker side of pink and call for a rejection of the consumerism of our day. We wonder, does this foreshadow a move away from the pinks that have defined Miss Melissa's work for so long?

Hairs to Heaven - Model and Comedienne Madeleine sports a new cutting edge haircut: long and flowing on the sides, with a 1 inch short section right at the top. The hair here points directly up at the sky, drawing one's attention heavenward. This has proved to be a risky career move, as our sources indicate that Miss Madeleine is launching legal procedings seeking punitive damages.

The Gummies Last Stand - Another unique creation, this time in collaboration with fellow artist Megan. Melissa chose a medium of partially-chewed gummy bears on a canvas of beige carpet. Depicted is a sad scene of fallen gummies and the stains of those brave gummies gone before. It was a losing battle, but they fought bravely.

Stabbed Sofa - rage and ruin are alluded to in this eccentric work by promising young artist Melissa with her new apprentice Michael. At first glance the rips, tears, and holes in the uphosterly appear to be caused by ageing but closer insepction shows these wounds were deliberatly inflicted. Whole handfuls of stuffing have been removed. The pain of the couch is palpable. Then as your eyes are drawn to the back of the piece, a large pair of kitchen shears remains stabbed into the couch. The torment is clearly evident. Our art critic was moved by powerful emotions while viewing this piece. It is a must-see on your next visit.


Mama Bird said...

Laughing to keep from crying, eh?


Mama Bird said...

PS It might be wise to limit her exposure to any more of the heart-wrenching details of the story blogged immediately below this one ... lest even more acting out behaviors surface. :-(

Mama Bird said...

"Powerful emotions"?


Perhaps a mending lesson is in order? (Grrr)