Sunday, December 11, 2005


We've been waiting for this for a while now.

It's been about three or four months now that Maribeth has had a crib tent, and only a month or so that Megan has had a crib tent. We've known that both Megan and Maribeth were able to climb out, but of the two, it's always been Maribeth who was more likely to, hence she has had the crib tent longer. Maribeth managed to escape her crib tent a month or so ago, and Megan got really aggravated that her sister was out and she wasn't. That's when we decided that they were both going to need crib tents. Anyhow, they hadn't yet managed to bust out of their crib tents, but we knew the day was coming.

Tonight was pretty typical in that we had finally wrapped up the bedtime routine and were sitting, exhausted, on the couch in the living room. As usual, it took about half an hour before Melissa finally settled down and things got quiet upstairs. Then we heard some thumps and bumps. Melissa, again. Grr.

About ten minutes later, we heard crying from upstairs. Not the usual bed-time fussing, but more like the crying that happens day to day when the kids were up. I bounded up the stairs and opened the door to the twins room. Cheryl heard me shout, "Oh!" and she knew something was up.

First of all, the light was on. Scattered on the floor were the wet cloths we used for diaper changes. Our diaper changing station was destroyed. Toys and board books were strewn everywhere. Two fuzzy blue forms stood on the floor in front of me, one of them bawling piteously, the other looking like she had just chomped on her sister. Megan stepped forward, hugged my leg, and stopped crying. I was so shocked at the devastation, that I only dimly noticed Megan letting go of my leg and stepping past me, headed for the top of the stairs.

Fortunately she didn't get very far because Cheryl was coming up the stairs to see what had happened.

"I go watch TV. Bye!" said Megan to her mother.