Thursday, December 22, 2005

Review: Compass Lightweight Tandem Umbrella Stroller

The twins like it
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Our new double stroller: Compass Lightweight Tandem Umbrella stroller.

Purchased: online from

Price: $149 CAD, not incl. shipping and duties.

I couldn't find many reviews on it before purchasing - so figured I should write one.

  • This stroller weights only 21 lbs! Very lightweight! Lighter than a lot of single strollers.
  • Tight turning circle. It turns as tightly as standard single strollers and way tighter than any double I've tried. This is going to be really useful for stores, library, doctors appointments.
  • Shorter lengeth - again it makes it easier to take into offices, appointments and stores where longer double strollers are very difficult to manover.
  • 5 point harness - with lots of adjustment room. With our little monkeys - this is a big plus. However the buckles are a bit difficult to work.
  • It has a basket! The Transit Tandem, another a similar stroller we considered, didn't.
  • Cupholder for parent - I'm looking forward to that one, there also are pocket bottle/sippy cup holders on the sides for the babies.
  • It folds compactly and reasonable easily - like an umbrella stroller. In fact - it's as compact or more compact than 2 umbrella strollers.
  • Backseat reclines and the recline angle is adjustable with webbing/buckles like adjusting a backpack - none of this suddenly dropping business or either all the way flat or all the way up.
  • The price point was good for us - $149 usd. I didn't want to spend over $200 on a double stroller at this stage.
  • The handles - they feel flimsy (especially when turning) and they are higher than your average umbrella stroller. They are also slightly higher than I would like - though, if you are tall this would be a plus. I would be happier with a crossbar like other double strollers I've pushed. I think that would help with turning.
  • The front seat doesn't recline and for an older toddler the head might be above the seat .. Maribeth is still short enough she probably could nap in the front seat, but not very comfortably.
  • Access to basket -- a diaper bag or anything round or bulky is not going in there and for short grocery runs I'll have to hook a bag onto the back of the stroller from the handlebars. There's only about 4 inches of clearance to get things in/out. It'll hold libarary books, diapers, wipes and snacks though. Access through the side is better than from the back.
  • Seat depth - the seats depth is only about 6 inches and only about 4.5 inches to the crotch strap. The front seat is shallower than the back - which is why I've got my skinny little (20 lbs @ 22 months) Maribeth up front and Megan in the back. For those with a toddler and a younger baby that's not going to be an option as the back seat is where a carseat would go. Another inch or two of depth would make things more comfortable.
  • Seat comfort - the seats also have something solid in them. They aren't the cloth umbrella style (despite this being billed as a tandem umbrella stroller). I think the umbrella style would be more comfortable than the solid seat with very light padding.
  • Weight limit of 40 lbs per seat and that's probably optimistic. I couldn't see putting 4 year old 40 lb Maddy in this stroller.
  • Durability - this stroller is not going off the road. The frame doesn't allow for popping the front wheels of the stroller up and over curbs and such. (Allan points out doing stuff like that is what contributed to the demise of our previous THREE double strollers .. all purchased used.) This is a city/sidewalk stroller only. For off-road, on trails, at the beach - we'll be using backpacks or our wagon.
  • It's not yet available in Canada - I ordered it from the USA. So be warned about duties & taxes.


Anonymous said...

The Return of Mobility! Yay! Though backpacking groceries might increase the life of these lovely wheels.

(Did you post that review on epinions?)


LarryandJean said...

This will definitely make downtown jaunts with children more managable.