Tuesday, December 13, 2005

On the first day of Christmas

Once again we present the Great Christmas Gift Hunt. Like the last time we did this, for the next twelve days, until Christmas Day, I will hide a link to a 'gift' somewhere on our blog. Unlike the last time, I will have a prize for the person who finds the most gifts. The winner and prize will be announced on Boxing Day. Good hunting!

on the first day of Christmas / my true love gave to me / a partridge in a pear tree

But where did it go? Somewhere in our blog is a link that will take you to where the 'partridge' is hiding. Here are some clues to help you find the link, and then find the bird.

'Twas the month of leaves of gold
We strolled near a lake quite cold
The partridge did play
On a perch green and gray
And smiles in a purple quite bold

Hmmm .. It's 11 am Pacific and there's no comments. I guess no one has found the partridge yet.

Helpful Hint: The first two lines describe the post where the link to the partridge is hidden. The last three lines tell you where the partridge is hiding in the link destination.

If no one has found the partridge, I will post more hints at 4 pm Pacific.

It's 4 pm Pacific and one person has found the partridge. And there are lots of hints now in the comments.

By the way, please post a comment here if you've found the partridge, but don't say where it is. The winner of the prize is the person who has found the most number of gifts through all Twelve Days of Christmas, so we don't want to give the locations away until Boxing Day.


mossflower said...

post name.
Lakeshore and Golden Wood. Posted October 31, 2004.
Last photo the one on the right namedone last bridge. Melissa (in her purple coat) playing pooh sticks with Michael on a gray bridge with green trees in the backgroung.

Allan said...

Ms. Mossy:

You're warm, but not hot
It's not the right month
but a similar spot

The post which you seek
it links to the bird
from an image doth peek

Anonymous said...

I'd found a little rubber ducky icon (like your little tree) but as it didn't link to anything, I kept searching...and searching...and searching. No partridge to be found but I did find lots of interesting old posts and pics.

I hope the "real" link isn't a flickr one because I'll never find it as flickr seems to open very, very slowly so, in the interests of the seasonal busyness I can't be clicking on anymore flickr links, alas.

Allan said...

Alas and alack.

Connection to Flickr is fine over here.

This 'Baby Bird' is the third of five. And, o GMP, you were there the day that bird was in her 'tree'.

Allan said...

Oops! I was wrong. The GMP was NOT there the day the Baby Bird was in her tree. But, the GMP has been to that park with an ursine water-feature running through it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, 'tis a lovely baby bird, indeed!

And with such lovely colors in its photo...