Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Package in the mail

Reindeer twins
Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.

A package came in the mail today. It was labelled: "To the M's from Auntie Gail and Uncle David".

An enterprising (and reading!) Melissa begged to call Auntie Gail, "to see if we can open it now because it doesn't say 'Don't open until Christmas!'"

Melissa had me dial up both Auntie Gail's cell phone and home numbers and left messages in both places.

When Auntie Gail called back, she said to go ahead and open it. I'm afraid Auntie Gail may have hearing damage from that phone call. M's on multiple extensions demonstrated the full range of their vocal and silliness capabilities!

Included in the package: reindeer antlers, slinky's, a coloring book, stickers, and a new video which I'll be putting on in a few minutes in hopes of calming the chaos!

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Gail said...

I'll be interested to hear the kids' review of "Benji"... it's an old movie and I don't remember anything about it other than the pooch. The real question is, will they start asking to get a pet?