Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye 2005 - Welcome 2006

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Another year is over. A New Year's just begun ...

The twins feature here because - well they are cute and they have grown SO much in the past year!

This time last year the twins had ear infections. They weren't talking or walking. They still woke up in the night with regularity and mostly drank bottles and ate mushy baby food.

We were also packing to move. I was wished several times today that my 2006 would be a better year. I hope so, but the fact is 2005 has been one of the best years I have had in a long time.

In 2005:
  • I got to start sleeping through the night (well MOST of the time!) for the first time since becoming a parent in 1999!
  • I got back to playing cello again: both on my own and in an orchestra
  • I've recovered physically from the bedrest, anemia, and C-section and lost all but 2 lbs of the weight gained with the twins pregnancy
  • Melissa (our resident chatterbox) learned to read!
  • In 2005 we moved out of a basement apartment and into a townhouse with WINDOWS and 2 bathrooms!
  • In 2005 Maddy potty trained, ending 18 months of 3 children in diapers!
  • In 2005 Allan and I rediscovered personal pre-kids hobbies and in doing so found each other to be much more interesting people
  • In 2005 we climbed real mountains, saw the sunset many times over the ocean, swam in lakes, splashed in streams, camped with our children, and forayed into the very edge of the backcountry.
  • In 2005 we were blessed with many visits with relatives from afar: Allan and Michael went to the Philipines; many of my family came visiting here ..
Those were the highlights of 2005, but now comes the inevitable question: what about 2006? So here goes, my resolutions for the coming year:
  • pay off the bills from the wonderful year 2005 (Ha ha!!)
  • Make an effort to form and maintain IRL friendships at our church and in our community
  • To continue the quest for fitness and health of both body and mind. I will climb mountains. I will ride my bike up big hills. I will get the kids outside more - even if it is raining
  • In 2006, I will teach Michael to read
  • In 2006 I will attempt to potty train the twins. It would be pretty cool to be done with diapers by 2007!
  • In 2006 I will be more organized. I will declutter and cleanout (especially the garage and office!)
  • In 2006 I will break free of both emotional eating and emotional shopping .. (o.k. I'll work on it!)
Best wishes for a Happy New Year to Everyone!

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