Monday, December 26, 2005

All Aboard!!

Eddie the Engine
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Taking the kids to ride on a Christmas train at Christmas has been a tradition since Melissa's first Christmas. Stanley Park's Christmas train is way nicer than Bear Creek Park's, but this year and last year we have ended up at Bear Creek park simply for its proximity. I wasn't up to taking the kids solo to Stanley Park today.

The kids were so excited to go on an outing! We've been cooped up in the house sick for a week now so it was a welcome change to get out and do something.

This was the twins second train ride, but last year they were too little AND had ear infections. This year they were in awe and kept saying, "Twain!! Twain!!" over and over again. Then, "Going. Twain going!!" once it started up. They actually sat on the train really well compared to the older M's at that age.

Michael and Melissa helped me get photos of the evening.

I want to put photos up into this post - but Flickr is SO slow right now that I'm going to have to leave that for later! More photos of the kids are on Flickr though!

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Jo said...

My little guy would be so jealous if I told him about this. He LOVES trains too. I think this sounds like such a nice tradition that you guys have. I hope your holiday was a great one.