Saturday, December 03, 2005

"A Musical Madrigal Feast of Song and Food"

The program
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One down - one to go! Tonight was the first of two concerts with the Surrey Lyrical Choir that I have the priveledge of participating in.

It was a long program with music in between courses of the feast. I only had to play in a few pieces. The big one being "In Dulci Jubilo" - there was quite of lot of cello continuo with choir.

On other songs they had brass, flute, wooden recorders .. it was just lovely!!
It was great hearing the concert and getting to eat! My only quibble is that I was way in the back behind the choir - so wasn't able to get photos of what they looked like from the front. The choir is much bigger than it looks like - just the front rows couldn't be seen from where I was. When I was playing - it was down in front of the choir.

They actually had roasted a pig on a spit for the feast - AND they had a huge Boar's Head with an apple in its mouth that they had four men carry in while the choir sang. I got some photos of it afterwards.

I'm actually looking forward to the next one this coming Friday night. For the next one - the string trio will be doing a prelude for about 30 min beforehand. There also will be about twice as many people there.

A Kevin Bacon too - a man in the choir was handing out postcards advertising a Christmas concert for another choir he sings in - The Phoenix Chamber Choir! I know someone who sings in that group.

Unfortunately -as much as I would love to attend their concert - a check of the schedule has shown that we have a birthday party to take our children to the ngiht of their concert - so we won't be able to attend. Too bad - it would have made a great date night.


Anonymous said...

We choral people sure get around, don't we!

Too bad you can't make it this year. Sounds like your concert went well though; congratulations!

LarryandJean said...

Thanks for the pictures and report on the concert. We were praying for safe traveling with the predicted snow storm. We are very glad you made it back safely.