Thursday, May 05, 2005

Aquarium Adventurers

3 adventurers
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They looked so cute all with their own backpacks. We looked like a daycare though! We ran into a daycare there with 8 small children all in backpacks. I am sorry to report that the daycare children were better behaved. Melissa, Michael and Maddy all thought that they could just run off by themselves out of sight to see whatever they wanted. With the twins down and mobile for a lot of the day - that meant we spent a LOT of time chasing children and yelling "Michael/Maddy/Melissa - YOU GET BACK HERE". They got the "stay together or we can't go to the Aquarium which would be sad because we just bought a membership" lecture from me, Auntie Ally AND Daddy.

Beluga Whales!

Beluga Whales
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Taken in the underwater viewing area at the aquarium today. We spent so long down watching the whales and seals from underwater. The twins were entranced and so were the whales and seals! Especially the seals - they all kept coming over to check out all our children and one went nose to nose with Megan for the longest time - the two just staring at each other. Unfortunately the camera batteries were dead by then.

We took our own snacks to avoid the repeat of the food poisoning Auntie Beth and I got the LAST trip to the Aquarium.

Since admission was $39 for just myself, Michael and Melissa and a family membership was $99 for the year - we went ahead and got the family membership. (that's Allan, myself, Melissa, Michael and Maddy - who will turn 4 in Oct) Plus I paid $12 extra to add Grandpa as a senior.

I will be seeing if I can get some of that re-imbursed from The Homeschool Centre as we can claim some field trips and I think I only ordered about half my credit limit ($250) this next year. I'm thinking we will enroll Melissa vs registering. With enrolling - I have to set curriculm with a teacher, meet with a teacher over the year, e-mail progress weekly and the teacher issues official report cards BUT it's $1000 per year per student instead of $125. We could do a LOT more with $1000!

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