Saturday, May 21, 2005

Linoleum Update

Cheryl and I spent yesterday evening putting everything back that had to be shifted to allow the linoleum to be replaced. One of the priority items was to get Cheryl's computer back up and running, so I focused on getting our office set back up again.

Our dining room - what it looks like with the rug ripped out.
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I shudder to think of what the workmen found under that rug. Is it possible for new forms of life to arise from the fungusoid mutations feasting on the beans, spaghetti, and applesauce which seeped into the rug which once covered the area?

Our living room - an obstacle course.
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That is, if the older 3 M's had been allowed to come downstairs, it would have been an obstacle course. It's probably a good thing they weren't even allowed a peek - that would have revved their adventurous impulses over the top. They were apparently insufferable as it was.

Our living room - full of kitchen appliances, dining room and office furniture.
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And it's a good thing Cheryl and kids did all the work to move the stuff into the living room because the workmen would have been delayed in their work by hours if it hadn't been done. In fact, it's very likely they would not have been able to finish our unit until Tuesday - after the Monday holiday.

Our living room - chaos.
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Floor leveller - which we had to let dry for a few hours before they could come back and lay down the new lino.
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New linoleum - don't worry, it's not as brown as it looks.
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Cheryl wasn't terribly impressed with it at first, but she came around after we got everything back into place. The pattern looks like weathered tile, so it won't show dirt or scuffs too badly.

New linoleum - our new dining room floor.
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New linoleum - our kitchen floor.
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Putting it all back - we started with the dining room.
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Our dining room table sees a lot of use. Along with 3 meals every day, pretty much all week long, it also gets used for arts & crafts time, and homeschooling class time. The table itself was a wedding present from our friends Sharon & Maurice. We're not in any hurry to replace it given the amount of wear and tear the kids have heaped on it already. It's pretty skookum, and will probably last us out until the twins have got past the furniture abuse stage.

Putting it all back - here it's mostly back together. We still have stuff all over the living room to try and put away. .
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With both leaves in the table, you can see that the person on the end (usually Cheryl) has to sit on the carpet - hence the wishing that the linoleum didn't angle into the dining room area, but followed the same line as the wall.

Putting it all back - This is now Cheryl's side of the office.
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Yes, I did use this as an opportunity to re-arrange our office space. Cheryl now has access to the shelf and more space around her desk for her rubbish bin and paper shredder. I've minimized the amount of space that my junk takes up since our office really is more Cheryl's since she's in it all week long and I only use it occasionally.


LarryandJean said...

What a job that turned out to be!

Any update on CJ's talk at church Sabbath?


Cheryl said...

haha! Like I could keep the m's away from the obstacle course! They were only allowed downstairs while the twins were napping.

I talked, I lived, Allan didn't tape, video or photograph anything being out of the service with 3 out of 5 disruptive M's. Take a guess which 2 were quiet!