Monday, May 23, 2005

I Nosh, Therefore I Am

I was looking at the latest pictures we uploaded with Cheryl the other evening and it struck me that we have an awful lot of pictures of the kids while they are eating.

Maybe it's because we have a captive audience (they're in high-chairs you see). Maybe it is because we've got enough birthdays to cover off half of the yearly cycle and consequently our kids see a lot of cake. Or perhaps we just eat a lot.

In any case, I started to worry because if you were a dental health practitioner, you might be thinking we were excellent candidates for your patient list. Visions of being chased down the street by dentists and hygienists started to haunt me.

I decided to compile all of the pictures, those which are on-line at least, that more or less depict the children with comestibles.

Art of the Meal, The
A photo set by Allan & Cheryl

To my relief, out of all the stock we have uploaded since last September (about 1750 photos) the total number of photos where the kids are depicted with food (it's the bottles and sugary confections I'm concerned with mainly) only came to 98.

Now to see about deleting those which show the kids running with scissors.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

from the Michael files:

me: Michael please get your scissors for the craft

Michael: I can't

Me what do you mean you can't?

Michael: because I threw them in the garbage.

me:WHAT?? You threw your scissors in the garbage? Why?

Michael: I dont' know

me: You really threw your scissors in the garbage?

Michael: yes, they went in the garbage, both of them. The red ones and the blue ones.

me: how long ago? Are they still in there?

Michael: a long time ago you already emptied my garbage.