Sunday, May 15, 2005


The Master Bagel
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This being a journal, I feel it appropriate to note some of Michael's more interesting habits of speech:

B for P - Michael says 'bajama' instead of 'pajama'. He also says 'Betend' insted of 'pretend'.

I forgot to mention this! When we were in the Philippines Michael was taught the word for cat - 'pousa'. But of course, it came out 'bousa', much to the amusement of his aunts and cousins.

Melissa - Michael has been calling her 'Molissa' instead of 'Melissa'.

I'm sure he'll grow of of these verbal tics, like lisping, but for now it's both amusing and annoying.

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Cheryl said...

Lets remember Maddy mixes "s" and "z" she says "zizzers" for "scissors" "zocks" for "socks"