Friday, May 20, 2005

New Lino and the Attendant Chaos

Photos to follow later. The co-op is replacing the linoleum in the kitchen, office, hall, closets, and downstairs bathroom. Which is a good thing as it was in really bad shape from the previous occupant when we moved in. I had asked if they could do the dining room at the same time and they agreed!

Home Improvement
A photo set by Allan & Cheryl

However -the timing wasn't good. Allan is swamped at work and I still have a lot to get ready for church tomorrow. We were told Wed afternoon that they would be here at 8:30 Friday morning and we had to have EVERYTHING out of the rooms beforehand. The kids and I cleaned out the dining room over thursday - which meant taking EVERYTHING off of and out of the shelves and the china cabinet. Then Allan helped to get all the office stuff out Thursday night. Everything had to go into the living room - which renders it unusable.

This morning when the workmen arrived - they were pleased to see we actually HAD moved everything out except the fridge and stove. Apparently the unit they did previously - nothing had been moved and that unit occupant will be facing quite a hefty bill for the time the workmen spent moving the stuff so they could get started. Here - they were able to get right to the business of removing the dining room rug and preping the old lino for the new stuff to go down on top of it.

Now all this going on downstairs - I have to keep the kids gated upstairs. Though Michael, Melissa and Maddy were allowed one peek around the corner at the dining room rug being removed. The kids and I had "breakfast" upstairs at the little table in Melissa and Maddy's room. Breakfast being cold pizza buns I had prepared last night and sippy cups of juice. We worked on cleaning their rooms, doing laundry and watching CBC kids in our room. Allan had moved the TV up last night.

As things stand now - it's 11:30 am and the floor is done being prepped - but the leveling compound has to set before they can start laying the lino. So the workmen have left and will return in a couple of hours. I'm a bit disappointed that the lino for the dining room will not go out very far. It's on an angle from the hall by the kitchen out to the wall across - which is several feet further in than I was hoping. The end of the table WILL stick out over the rug some - so we will just have to make sure it's adults only at that end!

Since they won't even be back for a couple of hours to start putting the new lino it - this is not looking good for friday cleaning! Though my computer/desk and printer will HAVE to be set up tonight. I have crafts to prep for Sabbath school, my talk is no where NEAR ready. Notes to date are NOT printed out yet and the file is on the computer that's taken down. I had to climb over stuff to make it to the living room computer to post this! All the windows are open because the stuff smells awful and I figure the fumes can't be very good for us. The babies have had bottles and are down for a nap now. I just took some photos of the chaos and will take some more later when the new lino is in. Of course I can't download here so that will have to wait.

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