Friday, May 27, 2005

Twins 15mth Developmental Assessment Results

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The twins had their 15 month developmental assessment by the pediatrician / neonatolgist who has been following them since the NICU.

Megan is 22 lbs - right around 45%tile and right on her curve. Head and height I forgot but they are also about the same percentile. Megan is ahead approximately 4 months of actual age in verbal / language development and right on track for actual age with gross and fine motor skills!

Megan Joy
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Maribeth is 18 lbs - back up to the 3rd %tile and on "her" curve again. Her head size is the same as Megan and she's only 3 cm shorter. Maribeth is tracking at approximately 4 months ahead on fine motor skills (he said she can do some stuff he's never seen a 15 month old do before!), on time for gross motor skills (though she walked a month later than Megan did, she's still well within normal), but slightly delayed verbally: approximately 2 months behind the bottom end of "normal" for 15 month olds. But as she was 2 months early, he's not concerned yet. He is making a note in his letter to our family doctor that her verbal skills should be re-assessed at age 2.

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About her "tail"; it seems that it is getting in the way of her sitting a bit (this is probably why she won't sit for long anywhere). He is concerned that when she's out grown diapers, if she falls hard on her backside, it could fracture. So he's recommending that our family doctor refer her to a general surgeon sometime after age 2 to have it removed surgically.

Her hemangiomas have started turning more flesh colored - which he said is the start of them beginning to go away - so that's a good thing!

We also have the OK to make the switch from formula to whole milk - so long as we give them a vitamin with iron. He confirmed again that they are identical, but noted that even to him, they don't look identical or act identical.

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