Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Map's Back Up!

The Map's Back Up!
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The M's found it today and demanded that it go back on the wall - with all the FIAR story squares we could find. AND they wanted the next book! So we've started with "The very last first time" which takes place in Northeren Canada!

Today was a school heavy day! It was "too hot" outside so we got more schoolwork done today than we have in a week.

Melissa and MIchael did 3 pages of lesson 15 in Math U see. Michael did another 4 pages in his R&S preschool workbook.

Melissa did 4 pages in her MCP Grade 1 Phonics workbook (yes - she insisted on starting it NOW rather than waiting for Sept). She's thrilled that it's "ALL COLORFUL!" instead of black and white like former workbooks.

Michael did 3 reading lessons with me. Melissa did 1 reading lesson, 1 set of phonics pathways reading/spelling words and spelled them ALL correctly on her "spelling test". Melissa also is working on reading through The Dick and Jane collection.

Maddy logged quite a bit of time on reader rabbit toddler and coloring.

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