Wednesday, October 06, 2004

No more carrying carseats!

I just got a new twins sling from The twins sling isn't listed on there yet. It was a custom order.

An online friend sent me a digital photo of HER friend carrying her twins in the twin etc sling which she had custom-made for her and I thought this would be the perfect solution for getting to the van.

Originally uploaded by Allan & Cheryl.
See getting to the van has been a problem lately. Carrying 2 babies in infant carseats, a diaper bag, my keys and holding on to Maddy while keeping an eye on Michael and Melissa is a near impossible task.

Using the double stroller for the twins isn't a good option because we live in a basement apt and have to go up a flight of cement stairs to get out to the sidewalk to walk around to our van.

So now with the sling - I can put them in it - in the house and still be able to lock our door, carry the diaper bag, grap Maddy if necessary, unlock the van door - without putting them down!

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